Discoverer of Stories, Facilitator of Dreams, and Eco-Spiritual Guide

📖 Storyteller at Heart: With a deep-rooted passion for storytelling, I breathe life into narratives that connect hearts and minds. Whether it's on the stage or behind the scenes, I thrive on the art of storytelling, weaving tales that resonate with the soul.

🤝 Empowering Others: Beyond my performances, I empower individuals and organizations to discover and share their compelling stories. In the community and corporate sectors, I help clients harness the power of storytelling to promote their services and ignite meaningful connections.

🌟 Legacy Keeper: Every life is a tapestry of unique stories waiting to be preserved. Using my interviewing skills, I unearth and preserve legacy stories for generations to come, ensuring that the wisdom of the past lives on.

🌿 Eco-Spiritual Explorer: Nature is my sanctuary, and I've embarked on a journey of eco-spirituality. As a spiritual mentor, I guide others on a path of reconnecting with the earth and finding profound meaning in our interconnectedness with nature.

🌌 Storytelling as a Spiritual Practice: For me, storytelling transcends mere words; it's a sacred practice that bridges the mundane and the mystical. Through my work, I seek to inspire, heal, and transform, making storytelling an integral part of my spiritual journey. 

Let's embark on this storytelling odyssey together, uncovering the magic in every tale, and finding the essence of our shared humanity.