Guided Autobiography (GAB)

Because your life is a story worth sharing


Learn to become a certified Guided Autobiography  (GAB) Facilitator and help others document and share their life stories.

This 8-week course will provide you with everything you need to begin writing your own life stories and help others write theirs.

What is Guided Autobiography (GAB)?

Guided Autobiography (GAB) is a method developed to help people document and share their life stories. It was researched and developed by Dr. Jame Birren (1918-2016) in the 1970s while he was the founding dean of the Davis School of Gerontology at the University of Southern California (USC).  Today, this work continues through the efforts of the Birren Centre for Autobiographical Studies under Director Cheryl Svensson, a long-time colleague of Dr. Birren. Dr. Svensson and her colleagues provide opportunities for education, training, research and dissemination of information to professionals and others engaged in the fields of life review, life story writing, and aging.

Dr. James Birren and Dr. Cheryl Svensson, 2015