End-of-Life Planning

Death-Defying Discussions: "Death-Defying Discussions" features hosts Michael Williams and Diane DeVivo and guests talking about death, dying, grief, and end-of-life planning. Listen to "Death-Defying Discussions" on Spotify or wherever you download your favourite podcasts.


The Teller and the TaleSince 2013, the Teller and the Tale Podcast has brought some of the finest storytellers from the U.K., the United States, Canada, and elsewhere to Blues and Roots Radio (www.bluesandrootsradio.com). Each week, host Michael Williams introduces different storytellers and invites them to share a little of their life, a story, and details of their work. 

Tune in every Sunday at 7:30 am Eastern Time / 12:30 pm UK time or on Thursday at 5:30 pm Eastern Time / 10:30 pm UK time.

NOTE: Blues and Roots Radio closed at the end of January 2024 thus bringing to an end a 10-year adventure. I'm grateful to Stevie and Anne Connor for believing in me and providing The Teller and the Tale a welcome home. Thanks too to our many fans from across the globe. Past episodes will find a home on Spotify or wherever you find your favourite podcasts.