"Storytelling brings us together around the fire of the heart."

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I have a particular interest in therapeutic storytelling for health and well-being as well as exploring storytelling in the context of leadership, community-building, and end-of-life planning including legacy creation. Check out my other website at myendoflifeplan.ca

About Me

In 1998, I discovered the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh and began my "apprenticeship" in the art of oral storytelling while teaching at the Edinburgh Rudolf Steiner School. In 2005, I decided to leave teaching and combine my previous roles as a mental health counsellor, teacher, and musician into a full-time storyteller. For more than fifteen years, I have worked with young people, adults, community and corporate groups across the U.K. Europe, the Middle East, and Canada. I believe strongly in the old Traveller proverb that stories are told "eye to eye, mind to mind, and heart to heart." If you're looking for heart-led storytelling for your next group or event, contact me by clicking the button below.

Quotes from some of Michael's listeners:

"Michael Williams - “How to tell a story” - defined. demonstrated. 🙏👏

"Moved by your heartwarming story. Loved the way you narrated. Thank you so much for sharing such insightful information on storytelling."

"The coaching has allowed a level of personal growth within myself that I did not even know possible, much to the happiness of my loved ones."